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【HOT】Currency Sorter

Model: QFJ-BST-C1T1

Type: USD/EURO,etc

Speed: ≥800pcs/min

Function: using Spectrum Picture, IR Penetration, UV, Magnetic Ink, Metal Thread, IR Images, Light Images, Digital Encoding etc. leading technology.

Power Supply: 220/110V±10%

Volume: 300×300×330mm

Weight: 12.8Kg


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Product introduction

the banknote sorter can be suitable for most currencies in th world.

Currency Sorter Features:

  • Adopted the cutting-edge CIS, DSP technology,software technology and precision machinery manufacturing technology.
  • Automatic detecting counterfeit banknote by using Spectrum Picture, IR Penetration,  UV, Magnetic Ink, Metal Thread, IR Images, Light Images, Digital Encoding etc. leading technology.
  • Can Sort the banknote which is incomplete, damaged, holes, fold, pen marks, oil, overlapped, spliced or double banknote. Error code indicated and alarm sound when finding fake banknote. Identify the genuineness of banknote according to the first-feeding-note. Can detect first-feeding counterfeit banknote.
  • Super LED display, additional LED display.
  • Have many functions such as Sorting, Mix count, Add, displaying quantity and value of denomination banknotes, Batch.
  • Automatic start-up, stop and clearing, Self-checking after being switched on, Adjust sensitivity directly on the control panel. Automatic storage. Restorable to default settings.
  • Software upgradable via internet.
  • With online software upgrade technology,Function upgrade more convenient


  • Available currency :As your requirement (eg:USD、RMB、GBP、HKD、RUB、EURO)
  • Counting speed:1000pcs/min
  • Sorting speed:More than 900pcs/min
  • counter readout:1-99999pcs
  • Preset shows:1-999pcs
  • Into the bank note mouth capacity:>500pcs ,can be add notes continuously
  • Hopper capacity:200pcs
  • Pocket capacity:200pcs
  • Rejecting bill capacity:50pcs
  • the number of a banknote mouth:2 pcs
  • PC interface:RS-232 serial port、USB connection、Explicit interface、internet access;
  • the clearing way:banknote face value clearing,the clearing of the degree both of the new and old currency,the banknote direction clearing;
  • Rated Voltage:220V(±10%)
  • Frequency:50Hz (±5%)
  • Power:≤90 W
  • Rising temperature:≤20 ℃
  • Appearance dimension:340×280×330(mm)
  • Weight:11.5kg

PS:other currencies can be counted and if just provide the currency ,we can have a update of the machine

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GB16999-2010 《The beneficial general technical conditions》
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