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counterfeit euro detector

Long and short UV detector

Model: BY-203LS

Type: EURO


Function: Long and Short UV detector、WM

Power Supply: 220V(1±10%)50HZ(1±5%)

Volume: 256×150×130(mm)

Weight: 1.2kg


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Product introduction


We adopt 6W violet tube, 4W UV tube and 6W fluorescent lamp tube with high-intensity and long service life that make the detector and the other same kind products have more detectable functions to ease workers’ labor intensity. The detecting dark-room is designed big enough to detect notes, bills, checks, drafts and invoices. The newest efficient drive used for the product’s electrical circuit has stable structure, fast start-up, strongly applicable to voltage (AC 230V) and low fault rate that can last tube’s usage ages.
This model has special functions in detecting EURO notes.


  1. Connect wire with 230V, 50Hz power
  2. key function
  • The key “ON  OFF”: ON---start;OFF---close
  • the key “W.M. UV”:the switch of watermark detection and UV detection.

        › Move the switch to the “W.M.”: the bottom light lamp is on to detect the watermark feature of checks, drafts and value-added tax invoices.
        › Move the switch to the “UV”: open up the UV detection function, and the machine can start “long wave” or “short wave” detection.

  • The key “L    S”:Violet light long-short wave detection switch.

        › Move the switch to the “L”:long wave violet light lamp is on and the machine enters into long wave detection state to detect the paper quality and fluorescence reflection of notes, bills, checks, drafts and invoices.
        › Move the switch to the “S”: Short wave violet light lamp is on and the machine enters into short wave detection state to detect the double color fluorescence printing ink.
        3. Put the power switch to “Off” when off work or not use the detector. You don’t need to pull out the power plug.
 Avoid inserting the conductor into the detector from radiator, because the inner circuitry board has high voltage. Please pull out the power plug when you change the tube or take apart the detector to insure the safe.


  • Power supply: 220V/50HZ
  • Power consumption: < 10W
  • Detection speed: < 2 Minutes
  • Dimension: 255 * 152 * 125 (mm)
  • Weight: 0.75 kg

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GB16999-2010 《The beneficial general technical conditions》
GB16999-1997《RMB Counterfeit Bill Detector》

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