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counterfeit bill detector(EOL)

Model: BSGJ-7



Function: IR、UV、MG、WM

Power Supply:




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Product introduction

      BSGJ-7 Bills and Banknotes Detector is multi-use spectral analysis imaging system which is designed according to all kinds of the banknotes, bills, checks, P.O. and invoices’ main security features .
     It adopts various detection means including infrared, UV, bottom light, MG and so on and the sensing camera systems, CRT display, spectral analysis system to detect and identify tickets &banknotes’ paper quality , infrared features, fluorescence light features, printed features, magnetism ink features with high detection activity , stable performance and easy in operate.


  • IR detection: Press the key “IR”, put the banknote or bill to be checked on the working platform, we can observe the banknote or bill’s infrared ink, the ink composition, ink marks altered and other design features through display screen.
  • UV detection:Press the key “UV”,put the banknote or bill to be checked on the UV irradiation range of the working platform, through UV scanning, we can observe the banknote or bill’s paper fluorescence, fluorescence image-text, fluorescence fibre , fluorescence security thread, fluorescence ink secret mark and other special imaging features.
  • Bottom light detection:Press the key “WM”, put the banknote or bill to be checked into the transparent plate of the working platform. By the bottom light see-through, we can observe the banknote or bill’s watermark, opposed-printed pattern, security thread, picture and text abutment joint and other security features.
  • MG detection:Press the key “MG”, to make the magnetic part stick to magnetic sensor and move the notes left-right. If it is magnetic ink, the magnetic indicator under the transparent plate will blink with sound from buzz device. If not, there was no prompt.
  • Reasonable structure, button set operate conveniently. When the Screensaver Detection Light on the right of the translucent panel had not checked the banknote and bills to be checked for 15 seconds, the machine will turn off the display screen automatically for protection functions.
  • Working voltage: 110~220V/Hz
  • External Power Supply: DC 12V
  • Environment temperature: 0~40℃
  • Relative humidity: 15%~75%RH
  • Power consumption: ≤15W
  • Dimension: 160*150*240mm (length*width*height)
  • Weight: 1.1 kg
  • Display screen: 4 inch

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GB16999-2010 《The beneficial general technical conditions》
GB16999-1997《RMB Counterfeit Bill Detector》

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